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  • Henry Moore Institute (2023)

    Artwork for the façade of the building, illustrating Anthony (Vahni) Capildeo’s piece ‘Word Fishing’ as part of the exhibition ‘The Weight of Words’.
    Inspired by the Ubatuba granite that clads the HMI, Capildeo looks through water and time, aquatic life evoking layers of language.
    Shoals of fish play and welcome visitors, beginning on the outside, then leading through to the corridor to the gallery in a moment of peace. 

    You can visit this piece and exhibition from the 7th of July through to 26th of November in Leeds.

    Words by Anthony (Vahni) Capildeo
    Layout by Emilie Chen
    Photos by Min Young Lim 

    H&M Kids (2021) 

    Campaign to empower children to engage in activism, and to celebrate those that do. 

    Deerhoof, Plant Thief (2021)

    Direction, story, animation, editing
    Music  - Deerhoof, Joyful Noise Records

    “I was sitting for my portrait... What’s this trap door...?
    I’m in a cupboard... Someone’s cooking with my spices...”

    A girl confronts her anger inside the stomach of a bird.

    Shown at -

    * Grafixx, BE
    * Playgrounds, NL
    * London International Animation Festival, UK

    in 2021
    and žUBROFFKā PL in 2022

    Press -

    It’s Nice That - The story behind Molly Fairhurst’s funny music video for Deerhoof

    Creative Boom - Molly Fairhurst’s animated Deerhoof video is a playful descent into fury and chaos

    Throw&Co (2021, 2020)

    It’s Cosy Inside (2023, 2021)

    Logo and illustrations for It’s Cosy Inside, independent live music booking agency and arts organisation.
    Formerly known as Yuppies Music, I also made an advert for Super Cool Drawing Machine,
    a touring exhibition of artwork by musicians featuring Cate Le Bon, Tim Presley,
    Yama Warashi and more, curated by Yuppies in 2021.

    Directed and edited by James Hankins
    Music - Tara Clerkin Trio, In The Room

    Blue Loop Film (2021) 

    Animation and music

    Small experimental exercise, first shown as part of Out the Window’s Open Circuit, Bristol, November 2021.
    Later shown at Grafixx, BE, 2022

    The New York Times, selected works (2018-)

    SZFamilie, children’s pages of Süddeutsche Zeitung (2023, 2021)  

    Mailchimp (2018)

    Illustrations for rebrand

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