Molly Fairhurst 

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 NYT Book Review - The Cult Of The Sad Literary Woman, by Leslie Jamison. AD Matt Dorfman


NYT - The Unexpected Joy of Repeat Experiences by Leah Fessler. AD Jaspal Riyait

Throw & Co. 

NoBrow 10, Studio Dreams

NYT - Quarterly Report on The Phases of The Moon, by Kiki O’Keeffe and Ysabel Yates. AD Nathan Huang

NYT - An Introvert’s Guide To Surviving The Workplace by Morra Aaron-Meles, part of the Working Women’s Handbook series.
AD Agnes Lee
Intern Magazine - ‘The Price is Right’ by/AD Alec Dudson 

(left) Life’s Library bookplate

(right) NYT Book Review - She Grew Up In A House Without Books. A Teacher Helped Her Realise She Could Write One Herself. by Mary Beth Keane. AD Matt Dorfman

The Creative Independent - How To Stay Sane And Healthy Whilst Making A Film by Joshua Sanchez. AD Willa Köerner

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