Molly Fairhurst

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Commissioned: WaterAid . Vitenparken Science Centre Norway . Carmelite Prize (children’s illustration award) . ZEIT LEO .
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A small selection of the 27 ink paintings exhibited for WaterAid’s 2017 show for World Toilet Day, “Out Of Order”, hosted at the Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch. 

1 in 3 women and girls worldwide don’t have access to a private, decent toilet. An obvious, important cause, but maybe one you have overlooked. Before working with WaterAid I wasn’t aware of the depths to which these circumstances would affect their lives, be it physical health and hygiene, shame, avoidant behaviours and violence. For the show I illustrated  these factors that may have been overlooked by others too and their impact education- but also the resolve made possible through work such as what is done by WaterAid. 

Donations to this cause through WaterAid are to be matched by the UK government. 

Also featured in the exhibition were: Nina Cosford, Emma Shoard, Eve Lloyd-Knight, Hawa Bangura, Josephine B Dauda and WAYout Arts. 

Each of the UK artists were given a toilet cubicle in the space to install their work. 

photo credit: WaterAid/ Laura Summerton