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Molly Fairhurst . com


Commercial work: 


* The New York Times
* ZEITmagazin
* SZ Familie
* WePresent

Advertising/ Branding

* H&M
* Free People
* Nike ACG
* Mailchimp

Textiles/ Product/ Print/ Other 

* Throw&Co
* The Smudge
* Beirut Editions
* Room Fifty


Animation / Music Videos

* Deerhoof
* Super Cool Drawing Machine
* Oda 
* Experiments 

Print-making/ Residency/ Zines  

* Made in Roath
* Zines and comics

Deerhoof, Plant Thief (2021)
Direction, story, animation, editing
Music  - Deerhoof, Joyful Noise Records

“I was sitting for my portrait... What’s this trap door...?
I’m in a cupboard... Someone’s cooking with my spices...” 

A girl confronts her anger inside the stomach of a bird. 

Shown at - 
* Grafixx (BE) 
* Playgrounds (NL)
* London International Animation Festival (UK) 

Press - 

Super Cool Drawing Machine (2020) 
Directed and edited by James Hankins
Music - Tara Clerkin Trio, In The Room 

Advert for Super Cool Drawing Machine, a touring exhibition of artwork by musicians featuring Cate Le Bon, Tim Presley, Yama Warashi and more, curated by Yuppies Music.

Blue Loop Film (2021)
Animation and music

Small experimental exercise.
First shown as part of Out the Window’s Open Circuit, Bristol, November 2021.

Oda (2020) 
Sound by Eli Keszler and Nate Boyce

Animated shorts for the release of Oda, a home listening system and series of curated live performances and global field transmissions. 

Other small animated experiments (2020-2022)